Getting and Installing GRIDSEED

1.  How to get Gridseed

GRIDSEED virtual machines are available here for download.
Beware: The size of the compressed images could be quite large and it could take some time !

The following tables contains links to the VM available right now for downloading. The first table refers to basic central grid services: the other tables refer to one CREAM grid-sites (CE,SE and a one WN). An ARC CE is also available for download, this VM works with CE-2 as batch server. The UI (user interface) is in central services table even if it isn't a central service.

  • All the VMs have the same root password set to : gridseed
  • On the UI a standard account has been set-up : username=tutor password=gridseed

All the machines are working on subnet (numbering schema preassigned).

If not otherwise specified all the VMs has been installed starting from a standard and minimal SL47 virtual machine.

2.  Download the Current Version

The current version of GRIDSEED is 1.6, and is based on Virtualbox virtual machines.

2.1  Central services

Virtual Machines Table: Central Services
HostIPRAMDisk spaceDownloadCertificate ExpiresNoteRelease
master.grid.seed10.10.0.1256MB2.4GBmaster (~2GB)Oct 1 12:34:41 2020, voms, myproxy, dns, gateway1.6.2
central-1.grid.seed10.10.0.2256MB3.3GBcentral-1 (~1.4GB)Oct 1 12:34:41 2020 GMTtop-bdii, lfc-central1.6.2
wms.grid.seed10.10.0.3256MB4.1GBwms (~1.8G)Oct 1 12:34:41 2020 GMT-1.6.2
milu-64.grid.seed10.10.0.26256MB4 GBmilu-64 (~1.1G)n.a.M.I.L.U (CentOS 5.5 64 Bit)1.6.2
milu-32.grid.seed10.10.0.27256MB4 GBmilu-32 (~2GB)n.a.M.I.L.U (CentOS 5.5 32 Bit)1.6.2

2.2  Site-1 services (CREAM site with gLite 3.2 64 bit)

Virtual Machines Table: Site-1 Services
HostIPRAMDisk spaceDownloadCertificate ExpiresNoteRelease
ce-1.grid.seed10.10.1.254256MB4.1GBce-1 (~629MB)Oct 1 12:34:41 2020 GMTCREAM CE (CentOS 5.5 64 bit)1.6.2
ce-1wnX10.10.1.1-200256MB4GBce-1wnX (~989MB)n.a.2 processor WN (CentOS 5.5 64 bit)1.6.2
se-1.grid.seed10.10.1.253256MB4GBse-1 (~465MB)Oct 1 12:34:41 2020 GMTDPM Storage Element (64 bit)1.6.2

2.3  Site-2 services (CREAM site)

Virtual Machines Table: Site-2 Services
HostIPRAMDisk spaceDownloadCertificate ExpiresNoteRelease
ce-2.grid.seed10.10.2.254256MB4.1GBce-2 (~1.6GB)Oct 1 12:34:41 2020 GMTCREAM CE1.6.2
ce-2wnX10.10.2.1-200256MB3.5GBce-2wnX (~1.7M)n.a.1 processor WN1.6.2
se-2.grid.seed10.10.2.253256MB3.1GBse-2 (~1.4GB)Oct 1 12:34:41 2020 GMTDPM Storage Element1.6.2
arc-ce10.10.0.82256MBn.a.arc-ce (~1GB)Oct 1 12:34:41 2020 GMTARC CE1.6.1
globus (64 bit) (~1GB)Oct 1 12:34:41 2020 GMTGlobus Toolkit 4.0.8E1.6.2

2.4  Site-3 services (glite lcg CE site)

Virtual Machines Table: Site-3 Services
HostIPRAMDisk spaceDownloadCertificate ExpiresNoteRelease
ce-3.grid.seed10.10.3.254256MB4.1GBce-3 (~629MB)Oct 1 12:34:41 2020 GMTLCG CE1.6.2
ce-3wnX10.10.3.1256MB4GBce-3wnX (~989MB)n.a.1 processor WN1.6.2

2.5  Download the old versions

  • Other 1.6 releases
  • Version 1.5 (Not longer available)
  • Version 1.4 (Not longer available)
  • Version 1.3 (Not longer available)

3.  How to install them

Once all the machines are locally available to install the GRIDSEED infrastructure just follow this guide