GRIDSEED Known Issues

VMWARE Synchronization problem:

Problem: VMWare has problems with time synchronization accurate within the second (please search on google for ntpd vmware).

The implication is that sometimes VM machines running on different servers cannot be sincronized among them. This can lead to some problems for some services: for instance the automatic proxy delegatation of job submission can fail (please refer to gLite BUG

Solution: force synchronization among all the gridseed machine using the horrible script "/usr/local/bin/ and/or make a manual proxy delegation.

Duplicate SE entry in lcg-infosites

Problem: SE sites appearing twice in the lcg-infosites command

This minor issue is under investigation: it seems not to be Gridseed specific: it happens also on EGEE infrastructure as well..

Solution: This seems to be a "feature" not a bug of the lcg-infosites command....

Delay in Job Submission after booting (rebooting CE or WMS ) all machines.

Problem: It has been observed that if start the gridseed for the first time the job completion time is significantly high (about 10-15 min).

Solution: Partial solution is to reconfiguring WMS / CE could work most of the time.

Detailed description for the problem -

Delay in job submission after restart WMS / CE :