Release Notes

Release 1.6.2 (13th December 2010)

  • Dhcp server on master is listening on different port (4242), dhcp clients on WNs are configured to query only that server.
  • Every CE has only 16 WN associated (instead of 256 of the previous release).
  • New Milu Users Interfaces, 32 and 64 bit, both with gridway metascheduler.
  • CREAM CEs have enabled the support of new MPI attributes.
  • Added a lcg-CE and a lcg-WN for gridway job submission.
  • Added a new VO elab.
  • tutor user created, on both milu UI, with examples jobs in his home directory.
  • Fixed: se-1 is now fully associated to GRIDSEED-1 site.
  • Fixed: remove the smp kernel from SL 4 Virtual Machines.

Release 1.6.1 (11th October 2010)

  • All the certificates are updated!
  • Certificates expiration date at least October 2020
  • Minor bug fixes

Release 1.6 (29th September 2010)

  • Add new glite 3.2 x86_64 machines (NOTE that virtualbox supports 64 bit virtual machines only on computer with enabled hardware virtualization).
  • All machines has been updated to the latest version of gLite middleware:
    • INFNGRID gLite 3.1 i386 Update 66 (SL4) - 07.09.2010
    • INFNGRID gLite 3.2 x86_64 Update 15/16/17/18(SL5) - 07/09/2010
  • WMS patched to support PropagateToLRMS for mpi job execution.
  • Globus 4 Virtual Machine.

Release 1.5 (april 2010)

  • Change from VMware to Virtualbox virtualization
  • Autoconfiguration for master
  • VMs exported in ovf format
  • Only CREAM CE supported (no support for LCG CE)
  • Reduced the amount of ARC VM to 1. Now ARC CE is integrated with gLite CE and its worker nodes.

Release 1.4 (january 2010)

  • Added ARC middleware support on user interface
  • Added new ARC middleware VMs

Release 1.3 (november 2009)

  • all services updated to last version of gLite middleware
  • New certification Authority (on master ) with user certificates matching standards
  • Nagios service installed with all nodes added to ping check for the status.
  • Cream CE VM added, job submission through WMS (ice component)

Release 1.2 (november 2008)

  • all services updated to last version of the gLite middleware (3.1 updated XXX)
  • cleaning of log files
  • resizing of some machines
  • ca is now hosting voms as well
  • lfc + top-bdii one single machine
  • nagios service installed
  • UI is now hosting all exercises/materials of the tutorials.

Release 1.1 (september 2008)

  • All services updated to gLite3.1 version
  • not just one virtual machine but different services on different machines
  • Storage Elements are based on Storm