GRIDSEED 1.6.2 released
On December 13 the 1.6.2 version of GRIDSEED was released and it's available for download.

GRIDSEED is a tool that simplifies the setting up of a fully fledged grid infrastructure based on the gLite middleware. It was developed to easily deploy a training grid infrastructure almost everywhere in the world, since the only requirement is a set of hosts (simple PCs) locally networked together.

GRIDSEED consists of a set of VirtualBox virtual machines VMs, each of them running one or more gLite services. Beside gLite GRIDSEED offers some other services (its own Certification Authority, DNS, DHCP, NTP services) that allow to setup a gLite testbed within a LAN without any need to external connection.

Prerequisite for GRIDSEED, is the presence of Virtualization software in the target host. The VMs can all be booted from the same physical host, or alternatively they may be booted from different ones: it depends on the hardware available. Clearly, the more VMs are booted from the same physical host, the bigger the hardware requirements for that host.

GRIDSEED is the evolution of Grid-seed 1.0 software developed by Alessio Terpin within EU-IndiaGrid project. Democritos/Sissa eLab is now the current maintainer of the project

A short paper describing GRIDSEED (version 1.3) has been published recently in the ICTP Lecture Notes Series, Volume 24 (ISBN 92-95003-42-X) - November 2009. Pdf version is available here: GRIDSEED: A virtual Training Grid Infrastructure

  • GRIDSEED 1.6.2 paper was presented in Colima, Mexico during the CLCAR 2011 conference.
  • GRIDSEED 1.6.1 was presented in the demo session at the Interoperability session at the the OGF30 in Brussels on October 26 2010.
  • GRIDSEED 1.5 was presented in the demo session of the 5th EGEE User Forum at Uppsala (Sweden) on April 15 2010. Here is the poster of the demo